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Outstanding! Just what I needed to melt the stress away. She was above and beyond what I expected. I think we will make this a regular self care.
Laura H
A Gifted Healer I've been going to Emerge for monthly massages for about two years. Hanna is amazing. No matter how I feel when I get there, I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Regular massage is an important part of my self care regimen and I can't recommend Emerge highly enough. Hanna is truly a gifted healer.
terrific massage a wonderful form of massage, strong, gentle, restorative--i would recommend to even those who feel shy
Scott M
Repeat Performance I have seen Hanna for a number of years not quite 10 but close and have enjoyed a massage on at least a monthly basis throughout that time. I can honestly say that repeating a massage with Hanna has been the most consistently enjoyable 90 mins massage I could experience. And each time the repeat performance yields the same favorable result that is because Hanna is dynamic and has evolved her practice and skill so she approaches each session slightly different from the next so I never feel it is redundant. In fact I look forward to the next session soon after the last. She is thorough as she is capable and consider her among my team of health care providers.
Darlene M
Emerge Massage Hanna does an outstanding job. My massages are always customized to what I need.
Excellent! Hannah’s Ashiatsu massages are some of the best massages I’ve ever received! Deliberate, and firm, but sensitive and listening. Highly recommended!
Absolutely Fantastic What an amazing skill. One of the best massages I have ever had. Plenty deep but very smooth, gentle and flowing.
An amazing massage experience I have been to many massage therapists in my lifetime but Hanna's approach using her feet to provide deep tissue relief to stress points in your body is the best I have experienced to date. She is very accomplished in her craft and has a great attitude and personality that results in a healing massage experience. I highly recommend her!
My new favorite massage studio in Burlington. I have already recommended her to friends. Hanna has created one of the most incredible sanctuaries I can imagine. As a nursing student, my back is constantly being challenged by bending over patients in disagreeable positions. Hanna made my back pain decrease from a 7 out of 10 down to a 2 out of 10. She is a magician. I look forward to my next visit.
Was up in Burlington with my lady, and had some free time to myself. I called in and Hannah was very helpful. She even called Sarah to see if she could come in early for my needs - TALK ABOUT SERVICE!

Their studio is relaxing and cozy. Their tables are very comfortable. The only thing I had the slightest bit of issue was that I had a hard time staying warm (I was walking all day in 32° and lower)

I had Sarah as my masseuse and she was wonderful! I needed some solid deep tissue work, and boy did she work my muscles.  I had some deep foot technique and regular deep tissue. The dexterity of her feet and the pressure she was able to do was perfect.  It was my first time having a deep foot technique and Sarah led me through it n the most caring of ways. Amaaaaazing!

If I'm ever back in town and need a massage, I will be back! Thanks!!
Surprised to be the first review, such a great massage!  Over the past 30 years I've had hundreds of massages.  My first one was in Japan on a business trip with my parents.  Since then I've tried many different places and while some where good, none ever matched up to the first, until last week!

While visiting my daughter who attends UVM, I wanted us to both enjoy a massage.  She mentioned emerge, said she'd heard good things and that they offered Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, a massage using the feet, walking and massaging while using the bars above for balance.  Japan's massage is now just a memory and a new favorite has "emerged" (tee hee).  We called for a same day appt for two.  Hannah called back quickly and said that she was out of town but her associate could get us both in later in the day.  We set up our times and when we arrived met Cara Joy.  She gave each of us an incredible massage!  I have neck and lower back issues, and Cara worked hard to take care of my problem areas.  Just the right amount of pressure.  I can't find the words to say HOW great it was.  I felt better than I have in years!  

When I return to VT I will definitely plan another visit (or 3)!  Now back in California and the thought of that massage haunts me.  I am searching for a local practitioner of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and can't stand the thought of a traditional massage, but look forward to my next trip to Burlington and Emerge (and to visit my daughter of course)!
Called last minute, she was able to take me right in. Comfortable office and room. Very clean and professional atmosphere.
The massage was top notch. Firm but not painful she knew what she was doing by finding the areas that needed work without asking.
I have been going to Emerge Massage for a little over a half a year, and highly recommend it.

The studio is a clean and pleasant space to me in.

Hannah is a very warm and inviting soul, who really knows her trade. I have always gotten a bare-foot massage, which is superb and leaves me feeling wonderful. Even when I have come in with injuries from Running, Hannah knows the best way to stretch out the muscles and make the aches completely disappear.
I had a hot stone massage by Hanna. It was wonderful. I plan to return. I Highly recommend emerge massage.
Easily one of the best massages I've received. Hannah knows what she's doing, and takes her time doing it. I left purring.

You won't regret it. If I lived closer, I'd be taking advantage of her skills a lot more often. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment!
One of the best massages I have ever received!
I was in town on vacation and splurged by seeing Hannah.
I highly recommend the Reflexology, Swedish Deep Tissue and Head Massage.

I will certainly be back!
Thanks Hannah
Hannah's massage was amazing! I was very impressed with her intuitive touch- it's rare to find a massage therapist in-tune enough to find tense spots you didn't even mention (or know existed). I recommend adding fire cupping to your treatment, icing on the cake!
I have gotten massages regularly for over a decade, and Hanna at Emerge is by far the best therapist I have worked with.  She can really do great therapeutic work without making it too painful.  Her location is very cozy with lots of parking nearby.